Visen is a collaboration between Danish-American singer-songwriter Ari Jaye Alexander and award-winning jazz guitarist Cecil Alexander. They started performing and writing together while attending Berklee College of Music; eventually, Visen came into existence as Cecil would pair his intricate solo guitar pieces with Ari's confessional melodies. They have since released a record "Shoulder Deep (2017)," produced by Isaac Wang , and toured in the United States and Europe.

They are currently recording their Sophomore record, and they now live in New York City where they regularly play. 

Visen means lullaby in Danish. 

"... Haunting melody that remains with you as you dive deep into the world that dwells in each word as the they unite and make up verses and together they all make beautiful bittersweet lyrics that speak of the saddening truth of heartbreak, lies and loving more while the other person loves the less. Visen is a name to remember and hold dear for they connect with heart and soul of our human condition." - Wolf In a Suit (Blog)