In the Fall of 2015 guitarist Cecil Alexander turned to vocalist Ari Jaye with the foundations of the guitar-centric “Shoulder Deep.” However, with the addition of lyrics, the music evolved into an emotional, direct statement, deeply influenced by Joni Mitchell and Sufjan Stevens. What was merely meant to be Cecil's Senior Recital at Berklee College of Music sprouted into a band. 

As the songs took shape, Isaac Wang, a fellow Berklee graduate, joined with intricate production and arrangements. He helped emphasize the shift of perspective from the one-take, raw “Tell Me, Tell Me” to the driven, motivic “Never.”

Balancing between straightforward and daringly analytical, Visen’s debut EP, “Shoulder Deep” explores three different stages of separation under a blunt, ghost-like veil. The melodies move as shadows through dimly lit landscapes of a divided country, relationship and identity.  

Currently, the group is based in NYC where they are finishing their sophomore effort and gigging. 

"... Haunting melody that remains with you as you dive deep into the world that dwells in each word as the they unite and make up verses and together they all make beautiful bittersweet lyrics that speak of the saddening truth of heartbreak, lies and loving more while the other person loves the less. Visen is a name to remember and hold dear for they connect with heart and soul of our human condition." - Wolf In a Suit (Blog)